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Connect with thousands of experienced industry leaders and successful “info-preneurs” to share your unique talents and create your own U-Economy!

It Doesn't Get Any Easier Than This Turn frustration into celebration...

We combined a collection of ready-made products, a "done for you closing system" and an army of experience industry veterans into one powerful system that does all the heavy lifting for you!


Everyone has a unique story to tell

Create a New "U"

The best "U" is still to come! U-Marketplace is a comprehensive library of professionally created personal development courses specifically designed to unlock your true personal and professional potential.

Share Your Unique "U" With The World

There's greatness inside of you! The new "U" is full of creativity and talents just waiting to share with the world. Let your own unique skills and experiences enrich the lives of millions of people around the world by creating and selling your own course. It's easier than you think and we'll give you all the tools, resources and support you need.

We're with You Every Step Of The Way

You're never alone - you also have access to our highly-qualified success coaches to personally mentor and push you to discover and fulfill your unique purpose in life.


With a variety of packages priced for any budget and level of experience, creating dream lifestyle is easier than ever before.


Three Amazing Product Lines



U-Marketplace is where you can teach what you know and get paid. Everyone knows something worth teaching. Our easy-to-use system allows you to attract and manage students. You dictate your price and make 95% per sale.

You can also use done-for-you courses which are already pre-done for you. Just point and click and you are all set. You alse keep 95% of the sale.



U-Crew is your marketing portal with which you can use to market your learning e-courses, U-Economy business and more.

This is complete with auto-responders that work with all the popular systems, drag-and-drop page builder as well as contact manager and pre-built marketing system so all you do is click and start promotion.

We also include many marketing traffic and sales leads generating methods that will get you up and running fast!



U-Academy is where we teach you what we know.

Courses Include:

U-Mentor, U-Digital, U-Brand, U-Network, U-Live and U-Master

This is all ORIGINAL training by the company and our peer U-Faculty trainers.

Your U-Academy membership remains active as long as your U-Crew membership is active in good standing


Our competitive compensation plan is designed to create immediate cashflow and help you build long term residual income for the future

Three Ways To Earn Income!

U-Economy is set-up to put you in position to create "right now" income, "delayed gratification" income and "financial B-12 Shot" money!

Leverage Income

U-Marketplace is our "low tier" cashflow income plan. This is the mass appeal portion where most will join. The entry points are $25 ($5), $100 ($10), $250 ($25) and $500 ($50) plus a license fee, all of which are one time.

Pay Plan

Reverse 1 Up plan is used meaning the first sale goes to you and the second sale on the product level you purchase passes up to the person above.


You can choose to create your own courses or use ours and sell them outside the system keeping 95% of the profit after fee.


You get 100% of the entry fee minus 5% for transaction fee which is collected and paid by U-Economy.

Legacy Income

The U-Crew system allows you to create a global organization paid through 7 levels of over 60%. Up to 12 levels can be earned when specific requirements are achieved totaling 84% payout.

Lifestyle Income

The U-Crew system allows you to create a global organization paid through 7 levels of over 60%. Up to 12 levels can be earned when specific requirements are achieved totaling 84% payout.


A brand new "U" is just a click away.

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